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Giant sunflower 2008
The giant sunflower in Utrecht, Netherlands, summer 2008

28 November 2008

It looks very elegant, what with all the press photos and all!

The piece on "first time opera" is really useful - I think that the fact some tastes take a while longer to acquire should be emphasised more in music classes in schools - and in language classes as well, for that matter. I've got the impression that the tendency in a lot of schools is to link up with the tastes of the children - nothing too hard, or too different - where there is a world of music and literature to be won. Maybe I am old-fashioned in this. IT's easy to get attuned to something when you are young, so why not make use of that. I am always impressed by what I hear about the way music is taught in schools in the former Eastern Bloc countries. I don't have any stats, but the impression I get from the young musicians we meet is that music seems to take a much more central part in general education than it does here.


Dear Reader
Many thanks for reading and sharing your views.

10 November 2008

I enjoyed reading your reviews.


26 October 2008

I found your excellent guitar&piano duo performances in Youtube. Do you know where I could find notes for the Vivaldi Lute/Guitar concert arrangement by Eduardo Fernandez?

Thanks again for your Youtube videos. They are a great source for inspiration for me and my colleague for playing with guitar and piano.


Dear Reader
Thanks for your email and compliments. Vivaldi's Concerto in D was the first sheet music for piano and guitar in my possession. Eager to play together, we have searched the world for original music written for the two instruments, transcriptions of concerto's, and more recently arranged music ourselves. We have also invited live composers to write for us.
I can't remember where or when I bought the score. Maybe in London. It's a Ricordi edition but in English -
copyright 1995 G. Ricordi & Co. (London) Ltd. as the keyboard reduction is by George Malcolm. Perhaps you can search for it online or have your local sheet music store order it for you.

23 October 2008

Just read your reviews written after Oct 1. Obviously you have immersed yourself in the world of classic music in Utrecht and London, including the hardware--buildings, back stage. You're one of those lucky people who can be carefree in the world while most clients who have bought stocks, mutual funds, stock or bond funds are facing the largest avalanche in financial crises since the Depression in 1929 when tens of thousands of victims took their own lives in NYC. Is globalization or avarice of humans to blame?

To redeem, transfer or let them hang on--that is the question. Believe it or not, hundreds of millions of pple in the world have lost their jobs. Wonder whether the worst has yet to come.


I would like to write something about the financial tsunami. Watch this space!

22 October 2008

I bought your piano solos cd some years ago, and now, having found your site again, am wondering if you have any recordings of your piano guitar duo available for purchase?

Thank you very much for your attention to this.


Dear Reader:
Thank you for your interest. We have demo CD's but none for sale.
I am working on several new CD's: one of my compositions during my 4 years at the conservatory, an Elegy piano CD, and others. Please stay in touch. I will make the announcements when they are ready for release.

21 October 2008

Nice you're writing a review!


Dear Reader:
Yes, there seems to be a shortage of reviews of competitions, concerts, music festivals, and other events worthy of mentioning in ENGLISH in this country. There is so much going on that I just want to share it with my readers world-wide.

13 September 2008

What is the most economical way to get to London from here? I figure you're the best person to ask about this since you go between so often.


Dear Reader:
Please read my articles comparing the different ways to travel between Utrecht and London.

10 September 2008

Thank you so much for all your efforts that produced a memorable evening in celebration of Ayyub’s life. The music was superb and I was overwhelmed by the elegy that was created by Anne in memory of Ayyub. The timings worked to perfection and I have already had many expressions of thanks for a wonderful evening.

Nighat, thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the people that I didn’t know together and also for getting the sculpture and paintings safely to the Royal College. I am delighted that they were all taken, and those of us that are privileged to own a piece of Ayyub’s work will undoubtedly find that it will give them enormous pleasure in memory of him for years to come. We will keep in touch and I know that Iftikhar is going to ensure that people who couldn’t be there yesterday, particularly Ayyub’s sister, are informed about the success of yesterday evening.


4 August 2008

Now I am busy with preparing the wedding. I wonder if you have time to share me some information about the following: I am looking for a musician who can play some live music during the night. (I think maybe you can provide some information.)


Please take a look at my article "Music for your wedding" as a start. My piano guitar duo can help you. I also know many musicians who can join our duo or be available as soloists.

8 July 2008

I am sorry but this message is not related to analyticalQ (which I found very interesting), but to some music which i have been trying to source for a while.

I noticed that one of your concerts (27/7/02) included the Romanza Andalusa by P de Sarasate arranged for piano 4 hands. Is there any chance you could let me know who is the publisher of this arrangement (by H Gehhl I believe). I have been looking everywhere for de Sarasate Spanish Dances arr for piano duet, but I am unable to find them anywhere...

I would really appreciate your kind help.


3 June 2008

I want to say a proper "Thank you" for inviting me to you concert and including me in the celebrations afterwards. For what my opinion is worth, I was very impressed by your compositions, as well as the brilliant presentation. I know that the Opera was the biggest work. It was very enjoyable, and certainly showed how versatile a composer you are, but for me the stand-out pieces were the Ave Maria, with its simple but effective piano, and the Elegy with its beautiful and moving harmonies.


There will soon be a page on "Culture Shock!" and other compositions by Anne Ku.

3 June 2008

Dear Anne,

I saw your opera last night, which I really liked. I think your story is interesting for all international students in Utrecht. That's why I would like to interview you for the English page of the university newspaper (U-blad).

I would like to know more about your own culture shock, and the way you put that in the music. Please let me know if you're interested, and if you have time to meet this week (preferably Tuesday or Wednesday).


13 February 2008

Dear Ms. Ku, I had Darwin Scales in ninth grade at Kubasaki 9 in Okinawa. It's funny how you never lose the veiwpoint of something as you first learned it. He taught American History and his outlook is my first take on everything. Subsequent learning has modified my thinking but he laid the foundation. I didn't agree with his anti-Vietnam war stand at the time but now I see him as largely correct. Thanks for posting his picture.


Yes, Mr Scales' and his humanities course influenced me greatly. Probably one of the main reasons I ended up in Europe! I'll never forget his passion for art history and classical music.
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