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Christmas cards 2006

12 August 2007

I found your website when searching for background information on Vangelis.
Would you be so kind as to tell how come Vangelis donated his piano to Pitshanger Manor House ?
We collect information for a website on his London years (1975-1987)

Dear Reader:
I would suggest that you write to the Pitshanger Manor House in Ealing directly.

1 August 2007

I liked your site. An excellent content. Fine the schedule.

29 July 2007

Thanks very much. I think I've found 2 in that area... one is Arigato Japanese Supermarket on Brewer Street, and the other was in the Japan Centre on Picadilly - do either of those ring a bell? Thanks to your blog I had an idea of where to look! Thank you

27 July 2007

Where is the Japanese grocery shop exactly? Do you know it's name? I live in Central London and am looking for good Japanese ingredients.

Dear Reader:
Thanks for your email.
It's been a long time since I was there --- 3 years ago! But I do recall it was very close to Piccadilly Circus, north of Regent Street..... on the way to Soho.

19 July 2007

We will be traveling to England with our 14 year old son, August 1-14. While in England, he will miss the swim team practices he needs to keep in condition for the end of summer swim meet on our return home. Any suggestions on where he could possibly practice and swim while we are in London, the Cotswolds and Edinborough? Thanks.

Dear Reader:
I am sure there are public swimming pools and private health clubs that have swimming pools in England that are available to foreigners. The English like to take baths.

16 July 2007

I am living and working in UK. I am going to switch into HSMP and is there any chance that
you could help me on the matter i explained below:

I am doing a salaried employment for a reputed IT company and also i am working as a
self-employed (IT work - Servicing PC, Software installation, upgration , data recovery etc).

In this case, can i claim points, by combining both earnings for HSMP?

As mentioned earlier, I am also working as self-employed, I can provide income tax
return and bank statement. In the HSMP guidence it is mentioned that self-employed
person need to submit the follwing documents as well:

1) Company audited accounts and company tax return (one of these documents should confirm the total
payment that you are claiming); or
Or 2) Unaudited business/management accounts confirming the total amount that you are claiming (the accounts
should be prepared in accordance with statutory requirements);

plus either

1) Business bank statements and a
business tax return; or

Or 2) Copies of contracts totalling the full amount payable and corroborating
invoices that show that you have been paid the amount claimed.

But I am not operating a company and also not holding a share in a company. And my clients are
home user of personal computers only. In this case, what would be the
alternatives to the above listed documents that i will need to submitted along with Tax Return
and Bank Statement?

Dear Reader
Why would you want to ask me such important questions? If you have read my articles on UK immigration you would realise that I wrote it from the point of view of a user, just like you. Good luck finding free immigration advice from those who practise it.

24 June 2007

A Barber shop friend of mine sent this to me and I thought you'd get a kick out of it. It's a musical hearing test. Try it out! Music hearing test: test your musical skills in 6 minutes.

22 June 2007

I love what you have done with the Prelude (Bachs) and the melody.
Would you mind sending it to me? and also would you mind if I use if for a recording of a Romeo and juliet scene I recorded. I think it will go well.


6 June 2007

I met David mitchell several years ago when he was in Sicily, than I met him in Florence, Rome and London and I wrote him when he was in Japan...
But I've lost his email address

do u have any idea where are can get it or a way to give him my new email??

6 June 2007

I liked your site. Very useful resource. THE BEST.



4 June 2007

I am shakti Tamang , 21, Male, Nepal.
I just come to know about your site by Google search. Nice to read your articles. just wondering if you could help me answering of my questions,
How can we join institutes in Netherlands where we can learn only Dutch Language rather then other academic courses ? Is it possible to get a visa to study only Dutch Language?

currently i am a first year university student in my country. I want to move to Nehterland to learn Dutch language for 1 year.I am also engaged in one of a reputed travel agency as a marketing manager. Most of the customers for this company are from Netherlands. knowing dutch language will be mroe benificial for me in the future. I can't wait to hear your suggetions,

31 May 2007

hello i'm siska. from indonesia i love so much to titanic. i so like this music. thanks a lot for you.

31 May 2007

I just came across your web page and find your approach to life to be refreshing and inspiring. The first thing I saw was a proposal for a book on decision making and I was wondering if you had written it, yet ? I'll search amazon after sending this e-mail. However, if you haven't written it yet I just want you to know that it sounds like an excellent book and I would love to purchase a copy from you. Along those lines you mention a "Le Bon Journal Guide to Decision Making" available for review. I would love to read this!

It would be an honor to give detailed feedback if you are soliciting feedback.

Thank you and I look forword to exploring more of your website.

28 May 2007

Hi, I found the de-clutter issue (PDF, 5 Feb 2004) while I was cleaning out a closet and searched for something like "clutter engineering textbooks" to get strength to get rid of them. I read the article with great enjoyment since it's almost like someone was writing about me!

17 May 2007

I was too a close friend of Patty. My ex-husband and JR were close friends and I met Patty while they were dating. I attended their wedding and we grew very close after we both moved to New England in 1987. I visited her in Maine weekly until she moved back south.

Patty and I stayed in touch up until her disappearance. I have firm beliefs about what happened to her and hope justice is served someday soon. I also hope to hear from her children soon. I knew Brittany best - she spent her first Easter with me and my kids at our home.

Patty remains alive in my home through a perfume bottle and pictures she gave me.

I miss her dearly.

16 May 2007

How are you? Thot about you today, so I visited your website to find out what is going on in your life? I'm now with a new bank and guess who I meet here? David Hong! Do you remember him? I also met up with Cheng Guat (ex-UBS) for lunch and we talked about the good old days and friends in UBS.

7 May 2007

I bought a Gerhard Adam piano,or I did not know then that it was one. Now I wonder how old it might be. It should need a restauration but I do not have the skills or time to do it. I have played the piano and it should be tuned. I would be most grateful if somebody could tell me more about the matter. The piano is now in Finland.

29 April 2007

I just wanted you to know that I received your CD from your sister a couple of weeks ago. I love to listen to the compositions and to feel my way toward a meaning in each one. I'm not confident venturing opinions in the language of music criticism, but what I notice is that I like to listen to them when I'm in the sort of mood which also inspires me to want to listen to Chopin. But then, I also turn on the player when I'm making dinner, rather than listen to another tiresome segment of cable news.

27 April 2007

Please may you send me the OPUS Fonts suite (Opus and Opus special)by email? I'm looking for in all the web, but I didn't find it...

27 April 2007

Thank you for acknowledging the receipt of this e-mail. It has been one and a half years since I sent it to you, but I am glad that it eventually came up in your mailbox. Your sister is a fabulous artist, and I have three of her pieces on display in Half Moon Bay, which is a small coastal town 30 miles south of San Francisco. If you are ever in the area, feel free to stop in and admire your sisters work.

26 April 2007

Just saw our names on your website and so I thought we would write to say hello. I hope your world is well, and if you ever need a recommendation, don't hesitate to ask

24 April 2007

Do u know anything about the titanic? If you do please email me! thanks!!

23 April 2007

Spring is here again, and with the spring the St. George Day! Here in Catalonia (Spain), St George, is our national patron and despìte is not a bank holiday day we go to work feeling that we can work in a more relaxed way. It's a really nice day!!! At the end of the day, when everyone has finished working, the people goes out to have a walk because the streets are full of books and roses. Today we celebrate the victory of St. George, who killed a dragon and saved the Princess who was a prisioner of this dragon. From the blood of this dragon it blossomed a rose that St George gave it to the Princess, and for that reason today every woman in Catalonia recives a rose from her boyfriend or father, or both. As today we also celebrate the death of one of our greatest phylosophers and writers (Llull, also Cervantes and Shakespeare were death on a 23rd of April) every woman in the country buy a book for her boyfriend and father. So at the end, the 23rd of April in Catalonia is like St. Valentine's Day. It's a really great day and the books are cheaper than the rest of the year!!!

21 April 2007

i need the whole flute part to titanic to play it and you dont have it

17 April 2007

dear ms. ku. i have came across your wonderful piece titled "summer sunset at solstice" i have only begun to learn it. the version i am studying is for classicl guitar, it was posted on a website. im not sure if you transcribed it, or a man from indonesia.

in any event, the musical notes are so beautiful! you truly have a gift!

it will most likely take me a month or so, to be able to play the whole song in entirety, smoothly!

i know you probably get very many e-mails of this nature. but...i felt it appropriate to thank you personally.

i hope that you may recieve a blessing from heaven, for sharing your composition.

thanks once again!

13 April 2007

I was interested in the history of the Gerhard Adam piano as I own one and can find out very little about it's history. Mine is an upright with the extended keyboard, three pedals and acover that locks. The keys are ivory and ebony and in good condition. Anything you can tell me about the makers would really be appreciated.

28 March 2007

i would like to thank you for having such a nice learning site like this!! it can really help me alot. it is so wonderful that i can study and learn here!!! it was so great!!! im so happy.... bye


3 March 2007

Hi, I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin, and I am interested in obtaining the student discount on your book "Risk and Flexibility in Electricity." How do I order the book with the student discount? Thanks.

2 March 2007

Is the family or Patsy Wallace looking for J.R.? If so, I know where he is living and working right now. He should not get away with this crime, so if you want info,
e-mail me back.

27 February 2007

i am anne, i'm indonesian.
may i order your cdbaby. i realy want to have it.

25 February 2007

Can you say something about the concert of Mikhail Pletnev is conducting at 7th of April in 2007 in Utrecht ?

22 February 2007

Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!

22 February 2007

I found a house in Bussum for rental on your site...www.bonjournal.com/house.

I cannot locate how to contact the owner regarding rental of the home. Please let me know.

Thank You!

20 February 2007

Hý I from Turkey and I'm Journalist.

19 February 2007

Do you offer private lesson or teach at summer camp?

My girls has been playing piano since 3 1/2 years old; and I am looking for a new piano teacher for her so she can advance to another level.

15 February 2007

Very nice website...found it by a google on your name. Lots of interesting paths to travel down. Keep it up.

4 February 2007

You may not remember me. I was searching the web and was shocked to read that Robert Avalon was no more. I attended one of your home concerts back in 2001 and came to Amsterdam to take part in an improvisation concert. I met Robert a number times after that around London. His enthusiasm was infectious. He taught me a lot about the power improvisation and as I'm now a primary school teacher, I am frequently encouraging improvisation from within the school context. I remember how fun that Amsterdam trip was. I'm sorry that he is no longer with us and that I'm 3 years to late.

2 February 2007

I am a new immigrant to the Netherlands. My husband, I and two dogs have moved to Naarden, where my husband has new employment.

I came across your webpage seeking informtion about train schedules and was pleased to see the entries concerning Naarden.

You've a talent with prose and I enjoy reading your journal.
Do you have any suggestions for a "newbie" to assist in acclimating to this beautiful place?

27 January 2007

I work for an international company and I need accommodation for a minimum of 4 months.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

25 January 2007

I am also a Kubasaki alumnus. I graduated in 1984. I remember Mr. Scales and his humanities class. He used slide shows as his props and he loved his piano. I was so sorry to hear when he passed away. I remember Ms. James and her dreaded government class. It was the class you had to pass to graduate. I remember American History with Mr. Cullihan or Cunningham. I remember Senior Hill. I have alot of fond memories of Kubasaki & Okinawa, Japan.

I truly enjoy your site and the many articles that you have written. I love writing. I keep a journal and it is very therapeutic. Thank you for your hindsite and your perspective on many things.

20 January 2007

Do you publish a list of your music. I am looking for Fur Elise and cannot find it anywhere. Thank you.

17 January 2007

I am interested in taking piano lessons and I would like to ask how much does it kost for a beginer and how long is the lesson?
Thank You in advance!

17 January 2007

I found your website when I was looking for piano teachers in Bennekom. I am interested in taking lessons for beginners. Eventually I would also like my son to take lessons, but he is still too little at the moment. Could you let me know if you are interested in adult students, if you have time, and how long the lessons are and how much.
Thank you.
Oh..I forgot, I am American so I would love lessons in English!!!I do speak fluent Dutch..but if I can choose...

12 January 2007

Your always charming, always unpredicatable, and a total riot!!! Keep me laughing, keep me smiling, all to beautiful for a happy day full of Anne suprises and wit. Wish I was older, again. Well, CONGRAT! Surely, you make a beautiful model for that dress!

Your fan from Kubasaki, enjoyed the Mr. Scales Humanities class with you, especially when you played the piano for us! Always a treat.

Dear Reader
Wonderful to get your email. I remember you well. Thanks for a great start of my day!

12 January 2007

Good journals you wrote and interesting book reviews.  The piece about the Iraqi artist in Ealing is great too.  Hope he finds a new place for the creative community.

I just want to put my 2 cts worth on your website.  It's packed with a lot of great information and many, many links. It feels confusing to me and maybe you can organize it so there are fewer links on the main page.  Like start with major links that if you click it, will lead to minor links.  Just a thought.  Maybe most people are fine with that. 

Dear Reader
Many thanks for your 2 cents worth. Indeed, it's time to declutter, reduce, organise, and focus on what is truly relevant.

8 January 2007


Dear Reader
You probably found the analyticalQ Dutch Me I'm Yours web section and want to know about Dutch courses in the Netherlands.
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