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11 December 2005

The Bon Journal Decision Making Guide

Hi Anne,
I just discovered you website while I was doing a google search on decision paralysis and found your article on the different aspects of decision making quite interesting. I was wondering if I could request a copy of the e-book?

Unfortunately, I think frequently my poor decision making skills has resulted in many lost opportunities. I was going to ask you if you had discovered any quick tips which you have found effective. Balance sheets / decision trees appear so cumbersome and completely remove the intuitive aspect from the choice--but I guess that's the point, right?

I just discovered your site, and it seems quite fascinating. I'm going to try to find out more about Le Bon Journal.

Thank you in advance.

6 December 2005

What an inspiring website! I can't wait to share it with others. I was feeling really down, just surfing the web trying to find some answers. Looking at your site is just the thing I needed to remind me that life is what you make of it. Seems you've done a great job creating yours!

Thank you for your encouragement. Words like yours keep the Bon Journal alive!

30 November 2005

I am a PhD student in Switzerland.
My thesis is about the Modelling of the Strategies of Energy Services Companies in Urban areas in a Distributed Generation Context. I think I will have to deal with uncertainty.

My question is as follows: is there a place where you teach, what course do you give, and when, abour Uncertainty modelling? Also, is there a possibility of collaboration (with you as one of my advisors) in this thesis?

I am ready to meet you, depending where you you will be next year.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

20 November 2005

I am a student at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands). Currently I working on a paper regarding the Energy Insurance (weather derivatives).

In my home country, Colombia, during the year 1992 we had blackouts for 2 hours every single day. It was due to El Niño phenomenon, as the power generation in Colombia is mainly hydropower. In that way the drought due to El Niño affected the power generation capacity, and the electrical power cuts were unavoidable. Nowadays, some efforts have been done in order to install and run up more carbon-thermal power plants as back-up systems. Furthermore, the Government has a plan to issue some kind of Energy Insurance. In that way, if the hydropower utilities cannot supply enough power, due to the climate conditions, the insurance pay to them and they can buy electricity from thermal power plants. I think that idea is quite relevant for Colombia. I guess that some other countries already have this energy insurance programme working.

I would like to ask you if you can recommend me some literature, references or some contact person to find information about this topic (how it works), and previous experiences. I would appreciate any information that you can send me.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

20 November 2005

I would very much appreciate your passing my name and e-mail address on to composer Allan Segall. He is a good friend of mine and I know he wants to hear from me. I have lost touch with him due to a computer crash that erased all my addresses.

Thank you very much.

I enjoyed your journal a great deal.

17 November 2005
Thanks for all your help in your web site. I love Holland for the first time I was there, and I'm going there every year.

I'm planning to live in Berlin for a while and I'm thinking to live after that in the Netherlands, for that reason I'm searching web sites of Dutch courses in Delft, Leiden or Utrecht, as they are the most beautiful places for me. I have found some but they have some relationship with Universities and they are asking for a high english level and a good school qualifications. My english level is \" normaal\" and I did not finish the University so, nothing helps me...

Could you please recommend me some schools to contact?
Anyway, thanks a lot for your time.

Greetings uit Spanje!!!!!!!!!

12 November 2005

hiya! I lve ur site because ive been looking 4 titanic and i fonally found wat i have been looking for. I show my frined a piano part and she sed we should do a duet on our skools concert. I am only 12 but i love titanic and i hope we win!!

If u have any other free music could u send it to me especially pop song as i could enter the comp. again.

28 October 2005

Hello, I am very interested in your Dutch Immersion Course. How do I find information on this course? I am am American and my boyfriend is Dutch. We are currently in Utrecht. It sounds like someting I would love to take.

24 October 2005

Hi! Well I was reading a in the Bon Journal, and it has a quote I would like to use in a cartoon contest I am entering for cartoon networks adult swim. I can not advertise anything in anyway for this contest, but I can quote someone.

Here is what I would like to use. "we may think that we're expressing ourselves when we summarise or repeat what's been said before. But true self-expression is when we are able to articulate what is original within us. " I do not know much about your site, or who wrote that, If you would let me use it, its a wonderful quote, I would put the writers name with it. Later when I finish it and make a site for it and others to follow it, I will not forget you and link to you from my site.

23 October 2005

Mister Tidworth is great; I love it, almost as much as I love life, air or my children. I hold this song dear to my heart.

I am saddened to hear about your friend PATTY: I hope the case is solved, and closure can be brought to the family.

The song Mister Tidworth was haunting. I loved its melodic nature and its familiarity. I streamed this tune from the site in the presence of my mother, and she went to sleep and called later that night, she was calling to comment on the song, which was haunting me as well.

She stated that another song was called into memory and had similarities, ironically I had been held from sleep thinking the same thought. We concluded that the song was one of my favorite classic rock songs "You're So Vain" Carly Simon. I don't know if this has been pointed out in the past or not. It doesn't matter. Your song is original and beautiful, I love both, and your song is similar in difference.

Are you coming to the Kansas City area to play anytime soon? If not, I would gratefully ask you to accept my offer to come and play. I am at your disposal for assistance.

I love your music and your personality. I have read your site and enjoyed every moment.

I am currently the President of the local honor society of Fort Scott Community College, I feel seeing you play in concert would be an incredible experience for all my officers and general members to witness.

Thank you for your time and wonderful contribution to the world of music and humanity.

Thank you for your kind and warm e-mail. Composing "Mister Tidworth" came spontaneously. His is an interesting tale. When I find some time I will write more about him. Have you read about the other woman?
Thank you for your invitation to Kansas City. I have never been there or anywhere else in the Midwest other than reading about it in Bill Bryson's first book. I would certainly like to include it in my next trip to the USA --- not soon but one day not too far in the distant future.

18 October 2005

Hi, I graduated in 81. I remember your name. Mr. Scales was also very important to me. I went to Italy several years ago and he was on my mind the entire time. He helped my dreams come true. It is nice to find somebody who has the same affection for him that I do

Thank you for writing. Always good to hear from another alumni from Kubasaki High School where I had some of my fondest memories.

13 October 2005

Tonight I have just found a link to your website _ after looking for musical scores for theme to Titanic (the movie with Leo D Cap & what's her name) - I listened to your midi files and have downloaded many (most) of them ...

I just wanted to say "well done, you" for putting your words and sounds onto the web .... it's moving, (sad and happy at the same time) and it made me "fall in love" a little bit .... (sorry I don't want to freak you out, but it did make me feel different - a little bit for the better), as I read a little about your friends and your travels and your home life and your musical interest and writing... It's great ....

I don't usuually put my feelings into words but I felt compelled to let you know that I 'feel' you have talent and comnpassion and are caring and deep .... I have often wished I could play the piano, in a similar way to the way I hear that you have composed many of these pieces ...

I guess I should learn to read musical notes first, eh?

My skill (profession) is as an IT support engineer, and I try to play the acoustic guitar from time to time ... I love it when music moves my soul from the pit of my stomach to my throat and tries to escape thorugh my teardrops, I wish I could aptly put these sensations into words, but I can only 'feel' it through its moving of my very soul! ...

Hope you keep composing for as long as you can and that you are inspired and blessed with many wonders in your life. I wish you joy and happiness, health and love ... though I only know a little of you (through the noises which came from my soundcard.) May you have peace and a deep tranquility and may you see the splendour of Paradise many years hence .... kindest regards, AAAC

Dear AAAC:
My e-mail to thank you for these heartfelt words got (unfortunately) bounced back. Yes, indeed if you want to play my work, you'd have to learn to read musical notes. However, you sound like you can play by ear --- in which case, all the better!

12 October 2005

Hey, are you Anne Ku? did u write those songs? are they copyright? is it ok if i saved those songs of your in a cd and play them at a cafe owned by my parents?

Of course I am Anne Ku. Of course I wrote those songs. Of course I own the copyrights.
No, it is not okay if you save my songs in a CD. If everybody did that then I would go bankrupt! Buy your own copy on CD Baby instead, and only THEN are you allowed to play them at a cafe owned by your parents. Thanks for asking.

12 October 2005


j'adore Teresa teng

je voudrais avoir les parole de japonese song - Enka

ou pourrais je me les trouver?

j'ai regarder sur le site ou plusieurs chansons peuvent être écouter avec real player je n'y parviens pas.

comment faire pour écouter aussi ?


11 October 2005

Hello my name is Janine and I am 12 years old and this is my first year in band. I live in Manitoba, Canada and found this link using google search.

I really enjoyed playing the theme of Titanic on my flute. I play along with the audio file given. Thank you for giving me some confidence in myself on my flute it sounds wondeful!

10 October 2005

Hi Anne,

One very special request.. I am singing an old song at my boyfriend's sister's wedding called "The Moon Represents my Heart" by Teresa Teng. Is it possible to find the piano score for this song? I can't read or write chinese.. trying to find this piano score has proven to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE.. I am beyond desperate.. Please help!?

Many thanks,

This is something I can definitely do ---- but not at this time.

30 September 2005

Hi Anne I hope you are well. I was wondering if there was any chance you could send me a copy of the recording that was made of Southampton University Concert Band last year? I believe you sent one to us via our tour company however, much like some of your messages, this seems to have got lost in space. If possible please email me to confirm my adress. I know many of the band would love to have a copy of this recording as we feel it was one of our best performances to date.

25 September 2005

Last weekend I met you sister Frances on Maui during a weekend excursion to run in the Maui marathon. My itinerary allowed me to explore a bit and I stumbled upon your sister's water color paintings in an outdoor exhibit in Lahaina. My eye immediately caught her work as I passed by and I locked onto one piece that really struck me right as the exhibit was closing that day. The next day I returned and purchased another image that I felt appropriate for display at my dental office in Half Moon Bay, California.

Many of my patients are nationally famous artists and I collect their original works. I am a perfectionist by nature, and upon cloer examination of your sister's work,the time,effort and emotional energy applied to the production of her work became vividly apparent. Frances is a delighful person with a warm, friendly personality and you should be proud of her accomplishments.

While viewing her monthly journals, I came upon your web site and became addicted to its content. I find your views enlighting, as they touch upon some very issues that I have had to face in recent years. IN particular, I loved your Volume 1, Issue 2 dated October 7th, 2002. It really stuck a cord with me, as I have been wrestling with this very same topic since divorce struck 4 years ago.

Thank you very much for your heart-felt and thoughtful words. I struggled with singlehood - to be single or to couple for a long, long time.

24 September 2005

I had a really nice time looking through your site on an otherwise uneventful saturday afternoon. I was googling for 'movie database' (other than imdb.com) and when I hit 'images' at the top by mistake it showed images of 'movie database' which is where I saw your picture bourne.jpg

I really liked the midi Winter In July. It's haunting. And does remind me of Tubular Bells. Mike Oldfield has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Have you heard Ommadawn?

Thanks for sharing a bit of your life.

Blessings on your adventures.

Wow! Have I become as famous as Jason Bourne? That photo of me was taken at Universal Studios in September 2003.
No, I haven't heard of Ommadawn but I'd sure like to find out.

23 September 2005

can i grow chilli peppers all year round and will they fruit as well

If you have a greenhouse, I suppose you can.

15 September 2005

i love analytical pleaseb reply

You'll have to be more specific, I'm afraid. Why do you love me?Or rather, how do you love me, please count the ways.

7 September 2005

I came across your website today and I just wanted to say it is great. I have added it to my favorites. I am currently trying to learn the Dutch language on my own. I am using some teach yourself books and dictionaries as well. Anyways, thanks for making a great site!

You'll need all the luck! I find Dutch extremely difficult, even with several dictionaries, classes twice a week, private tutors, plenty of patient native Dutch speakers willing to speak slowly and clearly to me, and more than enough opportunities to speak, listen, read, and write Dutch, not to mention living in the Netherlands. If there is a better way to learn Dutch, let me know!

6 September 2005

We are having some problem figuring out what this means, and or if it is a name in Chinese. I was wondering if you or your father might be able to help us out. Thank you so much for the other translation, yea i figured it out as to what it meant. haha
It Is-
'hai te mao'

Chinese names are usually 3 characters, the first being the surname, like Zhang, Chang, or Li. Next in popularity is the 2 character name. Surnames can also have 2 characters, like Ouyang or Sima. In this case "hai te mao" could very well be a name with the surname being HAI.
Each syllable can sound like many characters. It will be difficult to map the characters to the 3 syllables "hai te mao'. Hai can refer to sea, child, hurt, or many other characters. Each character can have many meanings.

5 September 2005

I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for a two bedroom cottage to rent for six months from the 1st November. Hope you can help.

I wish you enquired 2 years ago when I was looking for someone. Good luck!

4 September 2005

My thought on contemplation.  Truly all levels of individuals contemplate  this - I think even the great Anne Composer/Writer/Problem Solver/Soul Inspirer does too, nobody is spared....

I still haven't figured out why I allow my age to keep me from doing the daredevil things I use to - maybe I have some sense that I will die if I do that now.  I think age not only turns our faces into unrecognizable characters but it hinders us as  our maturity puts too many thoughts into our experienced heads, and prevents us from having the  excitement of discovery and new found accomplishment.   

My husband always says, where there is a will there is a way - so cliche.  However,  sometimes I momentarily will think "have I lost  the will, because I have lost the way?".  Then I hear my child in his youthfulness state he wants to make a difference in the world,   like pay it forward - contribute.  While mostly others are just thinking about simple survival. 

Wow!  That's awesome thought of contribution - and Anne you have really contributed.  Most others  have just survived.  Enjoy your creativity, as the rest of us surely do.

Perhaps the older we are, the wiser and more cautious we become. Experience teaches us the pain of regret and not to repeat the same mistake.

2 September 2005

Dear Madam...
I am a sri lankan who residing in japan and learning about japanese laguage and culture in thease days in an institute.after my studying purpose i willing to study about duch and the life style in the territory.I have graduated in srilanka in 2004 for information technology and computer science.My wish is to study about various cultures in the world.My studing purpose will over in couple of month and i willing to come there next.

So please tell me how can I attend one of institute in there and what are the immigration requiramants for that purpose and what is the procedure.You know now I`m not in my country.Could I come there by directly applying from netherlands embassy in japan or should I need to go my home country and apply from there?.Please give me some answers for this questions by prompying good institutes that available in netherlands for fulfil my objective. I think you will send a reply me kindfuly for my humble request.
thank you and god bless you

Dear Reader:
I applaude you for wanting to learn foreign languages and foreign cultures. I sincerely believe that language is key to a culture.
I do not know if you can get a visa to the Netherlands for the sake of studying Dutch and its culture. A lot of people go to the United Kingdom to learn English. Why not Dutch in the Netherlands?
Even if you can, I wouldn't be able to tell you how. One of my Dutch language classmates had a very difficult time getting a student visa to do a course to help her career. Understanding Dutch was a requirement --- so she had to come here somehow, a catch-22 situation.
Good luck in any case!

31 August 2005

jij leert mij exotic elec opties en ik leer jou nederlands

Translation: You teach me exotic electricity options and I teach you Dutch.
I suppose this could be the beginning of an article on how to understand exotic electricity (power) options without knowing the necessary mathematics.
First, read "Options Translated." Then read "Introducing Power Price Volatility." Then buy the book "Risk and Flexibility in Electricity: an introduction to the fundamentals and techniques."
If you still don't understand, you're welcome to fly me to wherever you are, take me to dinner, and fly me back.

31 August 2005

This is your classmate from Kubasaki. I love the Piano guitar duo. Do you have a CD I can purchase? If so, please tell me where I can get one or two. I love it. You were voted, most likely to succeed. Now look at you. I am honored to have been in the same class with you.

We are working on our first duo CD for December 2005.

31 August 2005

Hi, I really liked you journal :)

I a Brazilian arriving at Amsterdan and I would like to enroll a dutch course but it has to be before my leave so I can get a student ticket. I am really going to study dutch but I need to enroll before I leave Brazil.

Can you give me the information of your school? Thank you so much.

James Boswell Institute and the ROC. You can google for the websites.

28 August 2005

You are a very Special Person with Many Wonderful Talents. I know you will never give up on anything you do. Thank You So Much for connecting our sites.

Could you please explain the Chinese saying- "going into the water tower to catch the moon."

The moon is the person you desire. The water tower is the highest building (at that time) . If you want someone, move close to that person.
By the way, in Chinese, it sounds like "jin shui lou tai, xian de yue."

28 August 2005

I've just seen your posting on portal and found it so interesting that I went to your website. I found it absolutely inspiring. Being someone who's always tried to juggle between work, studies, music, sports, and writing, I am totally impressed by
your ability to do several things simultaneously with evident competence.

24 August 2005

Dear Anne. I have been trying to ring Majjo's to order some food for a party but can get no reply. Do you know if they are still open?

Dear Reader:
Majjo's is a wonderful place. As far as I know, both locations in London are open. Try calling both places. If you are really keen, write to them. If you are really, really keen, visit them. It's definitely worth it.

23 August 2005

Days of summer bliss 23 August 2005: The best part: the first 3 grafs, which show a leap forward of your writing ability.

Note: Chinese city should be spelt as Wuxi, not WuXi or ShangHai. The same is true: Jiangsu, not JiangSu. They are two characters but should be regarded as one word. In China, a person's name is spelt as Hu Jintao (Deng Xiaoping)

18 August 2005

I believe when words can't possibly express the feelings, music does such a wonderful job at it. That is why I really think the gift you have is beyond compliments that would ever be proper enough to give you. However, when we reach a point in our exceptionally lived lives fostered with this desire to achieve more and more, we probably can't see that these talents or gifts to be as meaningful as others see them. I just really wanted to stress the fact that it is alot more than talent, but a gift to touch our soul and to touch our lives.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am most inspired to compose when it's an occasion in which the gift of words is insufficent. Some examples: the tragedy of the tsunami of 26 December 2004 and death of a friend.

18 August 2005

dear anne , need some advice regarding a visa application for my over 18,s year old daughter . read on net about ur experience ,. and think u r the right person . thanks for ur time , kind regards , o.

Dear O:
I will be glad to help you. Before I do so, will you kindly let me know how you will support this website. You can order a copy of my CD, order the forthcoming Bon Journal Decision Making Guide, or suggest something I haven't thought of yet.

16 August 2005

It's been since 1982. We all sit around and wonder about those who we known by fame or simply simplicities. I was very glad to come back to the site to steal a moment of tranquility of your piano "excerpts", which I adored in Mr. Scales class as you magically played.

While I have seen the fame of all those I have known far surpass my own, I am stuck with a simply life of "keeping it real" for those over yonder. However, my soul longs for the depth of the arts which is so vividly displayed in my travels, culture arts, and inspirational tunes - basically everything that describes life at more than the visual level.

Now, the challenge; Some kind of outlet for tragic deaths - no human emotion can even fathom. Much like what we think we experience when we lose a "Patty", but something quite beyond. A tribute to a family member but not quite - http://www.gomvhs.com/main/eric_tribute.html.

But wait there's more, it hasn't quite been a year http://www.legacy.com/bostonglobe/GuestBook.asp?Page=GuestBook&PersonID=14743588, another member from the same immediate household.

Remember this blonde with the long flowing hair, that people had huge dreams for, just living a simple life, unable to communicate the tragedy of it all. It's so Hollywood. - Living in California.

I am so happy you are an inspiration to others, as you have always been. I am not sure if intellects feel the same pain as the not so intellectual - or maybe they feel more. I say, most likely more, as you definately have lived more - A song on peace, think it will ever happen - lets analyze the statistics on that one.

11 August 2005

Pls i will like to know if i can buy a copy of the decision making book for my consumption. Pls mail me urgently.

Dear Anxious Reader:
Thanks for your interest. The Bon Journal Decision Making Guide will be available in October 2005. Please revisit closer to the date.

8 August 2005

I have three daughters going to Kubasaki. Where R U now?

Dear Reader:
I may be in a small Dutch village, vibrant London, or on an airplane.

7 August 2005

I would like more information on booking artist for some of your home concerts

i have an artist that is also a world traveler and would love to book some shows

Hope to hear from you.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your enquiry. Are you an agent? We welcome musicians but we don't pay.

2 August 2005

Dear Anne

could you indicate to me which software is best for calc. exotic NG and power options? also where would you gather your vol data?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Reader:
In the good old days, we programmed everything from scratch. Yep! In C. And then made them into DLL's to run from excel spreadsheets.
I'm sure you can buy software these days. If not, hire someone to do it.
But I wouldn't go down memory lane to find the answers for you.

2 August 2005

where can i get data for vol curves for different regions? which model would be best suited to calc. a stripswingoption? which software would do this calc?

Dear Reader:
Judging from the way you've typed your request, I guess that you are either
(a) new at pricing options
(b) very desperate.
If you are (a), I would suggest you by the book "Risk and flexibility in electricity: introduction to the fundamentals and techniques" edited by my humble self. It will point to lots of other places that will help you.
If you are (b), I would suggest you hire someone to do your work.

25 July 2005

I'm curious...just what is the story surrounding the Bacchus wine store and how the couple decided to purchase it?

Dear Reader:
As far as I know, the concept of selling wines based on their style and taste started before the present owners bought it. Check out their introduction page.
Most people aren't wine connoisseurs. They can't tell if 1999 was a good year. Neither can they discern the type of grape, even less the side of the slope it grows on.
Many people pretend they know. [I sit quietly waiting for my date to taste the wine he's ordered, after much discussion with the waiter. However, secretly I believe it's a ritual designed to impress me.]
Thus it was a real treat to find a wine store which classifies wines by taste. It's a simple and elegant store without much clutter, a testimony to the "less is more" concept.
Incidentally, the present owners just got married, as I understand.

20 July 2005

I need a fiend who will take very good care of me

Dear Reader
Goodness! What's going on? First I get someone who WANTS a girlfriend. Then one who NEEDS a girlfriend. Now, you're being more specific. A friend who will take very good care of me.
Will you take good care of her?

12 July 2005

My name is Betsi Drayman and I live in Las Vegas, Navada USA. I just returned from the Huangshan Mountains in May 2005. I had a very simular experience with a Chi Gong Master. In fact there were two young Masters. The hotel was where you catch the first cable car. White Cloud I think. Very old looking.

Do you think this is the same hotel? I took a few treatments including cupping. I am 59 years old and I never have felt better. The electrical current they generate thru their Chi was incredible! I had a bit of blood come out on both sides from the cupping. But they didn't have me spit in the glass.

The young Master had his assistant Master come and help him. After the cupping and treatment of chi, the Master's assistant gave me a massage. Being in China on business with only a few days off, I thought I went to another plain! So relaxing and healthy.

The mountains were so beautiful!

Dear Reader:
Well, I don't know what to say. I was convinced it was a con. It was weird. You went on another plane? Another level of consciousness and well-being?
Since I didn't go through the entire treatment, I can only guess that the Qi (Chi) got sucked out of my system waiting for another opportunity to return again.

7 July 2005

Dear Sir,

Mr name is Olukayode James Balogun, I'm Computer Operator, A Graphic Design

"Please I need a Girl friend!"

Dear Reader:
Oh dear! I hope you weren't the same reader of 22 June who wanted a girlfriend to share feelings.
Your e-mail to me is a sign of desperation. Oh dear! Oh dear!
I would suggest that you continue to read the Bon Journal in its entirety. This means the Diary of Anne Ku, the Bon Journal entries on analyticalQ, Bon Journal newsletters, and e-zines. Then you will know what girls want.
There's a useful Chinese saying about going into the water tower to catch the moon. If you want a girlfriend, get close to her.
Or ask yourself, do you really NEED a girlfriend?

6 July 2005

On "The Last Samurai 10 January 2004 Bon Journal"

Anne, I enjoy reading your web reviews. I do not always agree with your thoughts but I very much appreciate the effort and thought you put into the process. Please keep up the good work. I especially enjoy movie and book reviews.

Dear Reader:
Thanks to DVD and inflight movies, I am able to watch a lot of movies I missed in the past. However, I don't always get the time to write my reviews. Feedback like yours encourage me to continue to write.
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