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22 June 2005

i want girlfriendto share my feelings

Dear Reader:
Don't we all. It's the exception rather than the rule that we want that exclusive someone to share our most intimate feelings with or simply to share everyday experiences.
Thanks for sending me your one line outburst, whoever and wherever you are. You might want to specific about the kind of girl you want to share your feelings. I mean, there are many available girls in the world. Surely you don't want all of them? I, for one, will not be a suitable candidate for I share my feelings to the world. You probably want a bit more privacy, I think.

20 June 2005

Hi. I just want to find out whether u still have some free vochers for disapora festival in kew garden? How can I get one? Please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Dear Reader:
I almost thought of you when I received my free ticket. Unfortunately I was too busy to go through the logistics of finding an address to send my unused voucher to. If you search on the Internet, you will find the website where you can call, e-mail, or write to request free tickets to this annual event.

19 June 2005

what are the 3 basic types of hotels for the course of H.R.M.?

Dear Reader:
Goodness me! Is this a trick question?
I gather you visited the hotel reviews and decided that I'm an expert on hotels or that I've taken the H.R.M. course, whatever that is.

16 June 2005

I loved your pictures of all the clutter and how it needs to be cleared out. I teach study skills and organization and would love some after pictures of the same spots to share with students. I especially liked the area with the books displayed. Thanks!

Dear Reader:
Ah! Are you referring to all the articles on clutter including the Le Bon Journal issue on clutter (2 page PDF) ?
Ironically after I cleared out my clutter, I became reluctant to leave my home because it was finally clutter-free.

15 June 2005

Hi, your site is so good. I also offer myself as a friend if you need any information about Pakistan Iwill tell you. I am student of social work department university of Balochistan Pakistan. I was just talking with my friends than I saw your web site and I really liked it. Thanks a lot can you make me a best friend? I will wait for your answer.

Dear Reader:
Best friend I cannot make, but you're welcome to join my fan club. Visit the SUPPORT page to see how you can keep all my endeavors alive, free, and independent.

13 June 2005

Can you update the other site that has the free sheet music you can download? That would be much appreciated, or if not can I know that site you got it from?

Dear Reader:
Thanks for your feedback. I receive many e-mails like yours --- vague, unspecific, and frankly unhelpful. If you want a response, please include the web site address(es) of the pages in question.
analyticalQ music page is on http://www.analyticalq.com/music Lately, I've been updating on http://www.pianoguitar.com/sounds
One of these days, I will consolidate the sheetmusic. However, that depends on the fervent and continued support of downloaders or freeloaders.

9 June 2005

I found analyticalQ via a search on Google for "personal decisions"

I seem to be stuck in the rut of "do I keep living in the USA or do I move back to New Zealand". All this is hinged on "what kind of lifestyle do I want or what kind is best for me, ie: which will keep me happiest?"

I struggle knowing what to do with my life.

I'm currently in the corporate working world (in USA) but yearn to feel more free than a 8am-5pm person does... though it's so difficult to make a decision as how to change.

I lived in NZ between Antarctic deployment contracts over the last 5 years. I moved back to the USA Feb 2004 because I had an American girlfriend (though no longer), wanted to see more of my brother and thought it was too much to shift 'everything' to NZ.

I've stopped Antartic contract work and now feel a bit lost while at the same time feel a desire to 'settle in' (which is hard to do if working contractually on and off in Antarctica, etc).

I have no desire for graduate school - just a desire for a simple, healthy life but with niceties of middle-upper class... where I feel personally comfortable. I could do just that with my asset base but not in Southern California where I am now. I do own a condo here.

Topping it all off - I was born in the UK and still have citizenship there. I have US citizenship and also NZ citizenship... at age 42 with no kids or partner.

I'm so confused on how to make choices and live with them as regards my life. What would you do in my shoes?

Dear Reader:
Your e-mail reads like the mirror of what I have sought all my life --- the pursuit of flexibility --- the acquisition of options (different passports and hence access to different cultures, permission to work in different countries), being single and free of commitment.
One way to "settle down" is to introduce constraints and eliminate options. In other words, escape from flexibility. Then you will find your values and figure out what you really want to do.
Now that you are financially comfortable, you should be able to do what you want, right? Wrong! People who pursue flexibility as a goal are driven by options --- which are a relative measure of value. The more choices you have, the more you think you are in a better position than with less.
However, more is not better.
Less is more.
When you have figured out the paradox, you will be close to where you truly want to be.
PS Search for flexibility on analyticalQ and bonjournal for hints.

7 June 2005

What is the diffrence between a review and an analytical movie review? I need to identify the diffrences for my Media class. I'm witting in the era of 1930's on one of Hitchcocks movies. It is a toss between The man who knew too much and The lady vanishes,which i will be writting on. Please assist me HELP ! ! ! !

Dear Reader:
Most reviews contain two things: a summary of what is being reviewed and a critique.
An analyticalQ review, of movies, books, events, etc., is somewhat different. In addition to a summary and a critique, an analyticalQ review takes a personal reflection.
If you are asking what is an analyticalq movie review rather than an analyticalQ movie review, then you better watch your typing and spelling.

1 June 2005

Dear Mr. Oliver


I'm a graduate student who majors in power engineering in South Korea.

I have studied on the Germany Power Exchange.

However I did not found data of the detailed Germany Power Exchange.

It is as following that I want to know.

One: Table and diagram of Germany Power Exchange. And explanation on that.

Two: Exchange and contract system.
- Contents of market and items.
- Bid, price decision, exact account, sudden change etc.

Three: System for obtaining stability of supply and demand.
- Capacity mechanism, participation of consumer.

Four: Power transmission.
- Function of power transmission, possession and operation, price of power transmission, power transmission investment, power transmission authority.

Five: Power distribution and sale.
- Open of power distribution network, sale businessman, supply duty, etc.

Upside items are datas on Germany Power Exchange that I am finding that.

Please send those to me as soon as possible... please...please..

Dear Reader:
First of all, I am not Mr Oliver.
Secondly, good luck to getting whatever you need. I am sure you will find it if you look hard and long enough.
Thirdly, if you are truly desperate, offer to pay. And suddenly you'll see a beam of light shining through the dark tunnel of your quest.
But most importantly, ask yourself why would the author of the German Electricity Market be urged to respond to your e-mail?

26 May 2005

I writye "ku" and play wind synthesizers, a casio digital horn that souns like a sax. I found this looking for more "ku" but found you instead and what a find. The music has a lot of what "you" are and is very unusual. Why isn't there more recent creative works?

Dear Reader
Thank you for your kind e-mail.
Here are some possible explanations why there aren't more recent creative works.
1) I have become too busy to share my work.
2) They are hidden. You have to really dig. When you finally find it, you need a password.

23 May 2005

Yes. I would pay for the next issue of Le Bon Journal. How much? Hmmhh. I'm thinking a couple of US dollars a week, or ten US dollars a month or 120 US dollar a year. Is that too low? Probably. You could sell "memberships" at a higher price. The memberships would give one access to "members only" areas of the website and promise email updates of news and developments. But for access to content or subscriptions, the price would be lower. I think. I don't know the latest psychology on pricing. But I think some content should be free and some content should be by subscription or membership only. So, how much do I owe you?

19 May 2005

I found your site while looking for information on power exchanges. I am currently writing an article on power exchanges from the perspective of the metal industry.

I was wondering if feel you that as an analyst you could comment on the relationship of power exchanges to the metal industry?

18 May 2005

I'm interested in identifying standardized, statistically-valid lines of questioning to understand how people make decisions. I used Google and found your site.

13 May 2005

It's been a long time since we last spoke and I never apologized to you for my harsh words... I'm sorry. You have been a good friend to Patty as well as her family and what I said was out of frustraition, so please accept my apologies. Also, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you, you're a wonderfully spirited person and I see what Patty saw and loved about you! I spent some time on your site this morning and read what your father wrote, I'd like to speak with him if you'd give him my email address.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your apology.
Sometimes you forgive and forget. Most of the time you forget what was said but you can't forget its impact.
In other words, after an explosion, you think twice about opening that channel of communication again.

12 May 2005

I would just like to say what a brilliant site this is. My 10 year old daughter is really interested in a lot of your music. She has played piano for two years. She also plays four recorders, clarinet and has just started the flute. She loved the Titanic piece. She still needs a better blow but she has all the fingering. She was told that she shouldn't play the flute by one teacher but she will never give up on it. She can actually sound quite nice. It is nice for her to see your site she started saying that maybe she could be like that one day. Gives her something to strive for so I am eternally grateful.

I will keep your site in my favourites --- it is such an uplifting place to visit. Thank you so much. PS I just started playing piano last year and I really love to hear talented composers and musicians. Not that I could ever attain such levels.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your positive feedback. Indeed music shouldn't be reserved for the few that could play it well. Writing music for beginners is my current challenge, though I must say, it is not easy.

10 May 2005

How can I learn english easily?
I'm student in english department.
what shall I do for learning english.
I'm third year student but I can't speake English well.
what is your advice for me?

If you are a student in the English Department, you're already one step ahead. As for improving your English speaking ability, first you must listen more carefully. Practise speaking English at every opportunity, including to yourself. Make sure you have people correct you when you make a mistake. That's what I do for Dutch, anyway.

10 May 2005

My sister-in-law sent your site to me. I am playing the organ at her wedding in July and she wants the Prelude in C and this is an awesome arrangement. Is there an arrangement for flute and piano? How can I obtain a copy. What is the cost? Please e-mail me. Thank you so much.

Dear Reader:
There are three kinds of visitors. The first takes whatever available and leaves without leaving a word. The second takes whatever there is and leaves a note of thanks. The third is where you belong ---- a request.
Thanks for your e-mail. I have replied but haven't heard back from you.

8 May 2005

Once I visited your site I couldn't resist my curiosity and spend lots of time on reading and listening to all the interesting material that draw my attention. My mind was washed over by a blend of feelings (astonishment, confusion, admiration).

"Where does she find all the energy" I asked myself continuously. It must have taken you a lot of courage, giving up all the securities of a job you studied for at university. Your decision however, makes a lot of sense considering that time passes on. Your approach and editorial contributions on this subject speak for themselves.

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to listen to your compositions. Really like them. Especially the recent "Opus 13" and "Adieu to a piano". My sincere compliments !!! Although I'm happy with the recordings, I can't wait to hear you perform them (and your work in progress) live of course. Please keep me informed about the possibilities.

I also wish that your "Adieu to a piano" will find its way to a publisher some day. Although I'm not an expert, I can assure you it deserves to be played by any serious pianist. I do hope you value my opinion as a representative of your future audience. The fact that this piece is very demanding for a debutant like myself, should not keep you awake. I can't see it as a problem but rather consider it a new challenge. Therefore I will keep on practising until I am able to do justice to this incredible composition. It is loaded with all the different emotions one has to face, when saying farewell to the instrument, who (better than "which" in this context) probably has been her most intimate friend.

I figure that only those who play an instrument themselves can really understand that a relationship between a person and an object is no fiction but very genuine. The others, simply have to accept this phenomenon, sit back and enjoy the products of art that are given birth this way. When I (try to) play the piece myself (in a far too slow tempo, but convenient regarding my skills) it feels as if a film is played back.

Before I say goodbye to you, I want to share a saying that made a great impression on me as it now enters my mind while I probably read it some 30 years ago. I don't remember the philosopher, but I'm sure there is nothing to argue about his statement: "The only way to multiply happiness, is to divide it."

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your "burst" of compliments. I am absolutely flattered. Keeping this journal online was one way to fuel my ego trip. These days, as you can see, I no longer keep it up-to-date. Perhaps it's a humbling journey one needs to take to find oneself. I am interested, however, in finding out what kinds of music is truly music to the ear and enjoyable to play. Your words are very encouraging for my writing and music to continue.

7 May 2005

Hello, im a 13 year old boy who would like to learn how to play the theme tune from titanic "my heart will go on" by Celine Diom, i have been learning piano for 3 years now and cant find the musical score anywhere do you know a site that has it where i could print it off?

Dear Reader:
If you are looking for a piano solo, I'd suggest that you visit a music store and buy or order it. My arrangement has the piano part only as accompaniment, thus you still need another instrument like a violin or flute.

3 May 2005

In your opinion, should music be beautiful ? I find myself unable to write music that does not sound beautiful (at least to me ..). However, hearing some of the more experimental new music, I cannot help wondering whether beauty was a factor in composition at all. I saw your post about 'wrong' notes and (having been forced to write serial music in past myself (something I detested)), I wondered if you had an opinion about the relation between music and beauty.

Dear Reader
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And rightly so!
Or shall we say, beauty is in the ear of the beholder?

29 April 2005

Hi Ms. Anne! My best wishes & regards to you! I am an Indian male, 28-year-old. I convey my heartiest greetings to you, your family-members and friends on the occasion of Queen's birthday tomorrow.

Dear Reader:
Indeed, on such a day everyone feels like a queen! In fact, it's the best time to visit the Netherlands. I hope you will get a chance to celebrate it in the fashion of Amsterdammers!

26 April 2005

I'm very interested in the concepts of flexibility from a building point of view. Life time engineering of building structures for, most likely changing, future requirements becomes very important. I'm a lecturer in Architecture Building and Planning in the unit Structural Design. ve tried to define what I call "structural flexibility" and am working on a "flexibility index" for building structures. The contents of your work and your book seem to go in the same direction. Please tell me if it is available or when /where I can purchase it.

Dear Reader:
There is an e-book in the pipeline. Shall I put you on the mailing list when it is available?

14 April 2005

I was trying to look up the English translation of "Yuan Fen" and your website showed up, then I just cannot stop openning new windows and read more things you have wrote.

I am so surprised by your life experiences and how you see things...so wonderful!!! I wish I could be like you one day, write about what I see, what I think on the internet and share them with other people--even those ones you don't know, or from the other side of the earth!

I am a uni student in Australia. I am doing Bachelor of Arts (interpreting and translation). My dad is a journalist too like you (hope I didn't get it wrong...) maybe I'll be like that one day... I'll come to visit your website more often!

Thank you for writing and sharing everything! I have found some information very helpful :)

Have a good day! Please take care!!!

Dear Reader:
Many thanks for your heart-felt, spontaneous reaction to the Bon Journal entries. How I wish I could keep writing regularly like a year ago when I had more time. Life is very interesting --- but even more so when it is shared.

29 March 2005

I was searching (using a search engine, typed in Original Poetry and this site was the first link)for a poem to put to music for my A-Level coursework and was wondering if it was ok to use some of the poetry of Anne Ku?

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your compliments. You're most welcome to choose a poem and set to music, but be sure to acknowledge the writer or the poem!

23 March 2005

I have got an old piano for sale. It's a Gerhard Adam from Wesel serial number 10067 from 1897. Anyone interested let me know.

Dear Reader:
Good luck on selling it. I could write yet another article about how I finally sold my beloved Gerhard! If you'd like to commission this article, please let me know!

13 March 2005

you might remember me emailing you before xmas about your piano for sale. I wasn't able to make time to follow up at that time but was wondering if it was still for sale. If so i can have a look this week by arrangement. If not,thats my bad luck i guess! Either way i would appreciate you letting me know and my apologies for taking so long to get in touch

12 March 2005

I was reading through your entries in the Bon Journal, the goldilocks, zen of cleaning and you even wrote about the time you came to Guildford. It seems so long ago now. I guess you must be doing some very interesting things, so much in your life, full of variety.

Dear Reader:
What is life if not experienced, described, or shared? Glad you spotted yourself among the Bon Journal entries.

10 March 2005

I sent that cd to you only as a signal, to push you to compose music for piano. I liked very much the last music that you sent to me, but I think that what matters more is that you play your music. You sent to me a cd of your music some time ago, and it was really nice, and at that time I imagine you were less skilled in piano composition than you are now. My ideal music is a fusion of Chopin and Bill Evans, Beethoven and Keith Jarrett, romantic (I think Beethoven is a romantic) piano music of the beginning of 1800 and jazz piano music of the second half of 1900. A mixture of American and European tradition. You know well both cultures, plus you are able to look at both cultures from an even older culture, the Asian one. You can be innovative in modern piano music. I am waiting for your music !

5 February 2005

You are frank and candid for you obviously lack the sufficient knowledge of the time background (history) and attainment of literature to criticize a literary book that took the author 20 yrs to write.

Dear Reader:
Indeed, perhaps I should be more humble when reviewing such a highly-praised book. Or perhaps I should be so humble that I don't even write a review of it. But then how shall I remember that I've read the book?

5 February 2005

"My hat is off to you", this is a very interesting web site! Was the creation of this site a means to get to the next level (personally) or just a whimsical endeavor. By sheer "deduction" I figured you're a musician of some type (smart guy!)

I'll see what I can find re: your "tunes" (don't offended, it's the tune that makes it worth listening). You seem to be "beautiful", looking forward to hearing your "works"! With lots o' intrigue and respect.

Dear Reader:
Flattery is definitely the way to a woman's heart. One cannot allow bad pictures to appear on one's website nor indeed bad music. The world wide web is a stage, and we who keep online journals are merely actors.

4 February 2005

Hi, I was wondering if maybe you could get me a flute part for Jurassic Park and The X-files. My conducter wants us to memorize Jurassic Park in 3 days and i am trying out for the governers school of the arts and I would like to use The X-files theme song. Thank.

Dear Reader:
Thanks for your e-mail. This is a tall order to meet. Do you expect to pay for this? It is also the reason why analyticalQ and associated Bon Journal needs sponsorship, so that your wishes can come true. But Santa Claus is not forthcoming. If and maybe indeed.

1 February 2005

Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Voor de KNDB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Dam Bond) verricht ik speurwerk t.a.v. de iconografie van het damspel. Het Rijksmuseum bezit een werk van Michael Sweerts met damspelende jongeren uit 1652.

Via internet ( www.artnet.com) spoorde ik een werk van Michiel Sweerts op met damspelers ( A man and a woman playing draughts) dat momenteel te koop is bij Gallery Daphne Alazraki.

Graag zou ik van u vernemen of dit werk voor het Rijksmuseum interessant is. Kunt u mij zeggen of dit schilderij al eerder bekend was en met zekerheid op naam van Michael sweerts staat.

Met dank en groet, W.A.van Mourik
Medewerker bondsorgaan Het Damspel KNDB

Dear Reader
Dank u wel voor deze e-mail, maar mijn nederlands is niet goed genoeg alle te begrijpen. Kunt u Engelse scrijven?

29 January 2005

The dynamic nature of world energy market has a lot to do with authenticity of any material. And developing economy should be taking into consideration in any analysis.

Dear Reader:
I suppose this is an indirect and subtle critique of my energy articles which are mainly about the liberalised energy markets in the West. Thank you, as I am always looking for feedback, positive and negative.

28 January 2005

I found your site using Google. I'm looking for a parody that came out while Michael Tyson was going thru his divorce back in the late 80's, it was a U2 song. Do you know where I could find this? Thanks.

Dear Reader:
The best advice is ---- keep googling.

19 January 2005

I graduated in 1978. I was still listening to the "now" songs until I was in my late 30's. The music nowadays is not like the 70's and 80's. I can't believe how many 80's songs I love. Prince and Madonna are the best!

I do have a complaint however. A few weeks ago I was on my way to the doctor and I requested Madonna's "Borderline" and waited almost 1 and a half hours. It was never played. Also, the next day I called and mentioned it and requested the same song.

I have beeen going through some trials lately and I needed to be cheered up. This time I waited for two hours and it still didn't get played. Can yall play "Borderline and La isla bonita" ( probably misspelled) more often? And Prince really cheers me up. My three favorites are "Kiss", " I wanna be your lover" and When doves cry". It brings back special memories for me and right now that's what I need: cheering up!!! Thanks for listening. I really love your station. There are very few songs that yall play that I don't like. Great songs!!!!

Dear Reader:
Obviously you have confused the analyticalQ website with a radio station. Perhaps it should be a radio station playing familiar tunes of yesterday.

16 January 2005

Crossword clue: pitch symbol on stave ( music) - 4,4. What is the answer?

Reply: flat note? semi-tone? bass clef?

13 January 2005

I find this very interesting and came upon it by accident by looking up the words secretary and gatekeepers. Just wondering if you could help me by tonight. I have to present a topic at work on getting past the gatekeeper and would like some extra information if you have it. Thank you so much.

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately I have an prior engagement this evening. Any extra information that I have can be put together at short notice to supporters of Bon Journal, the gatekeeper being the purchase of a CD before demanding any further information or advice.

12 January 2005

i want to have a acount in google ok??

Dear Reader:
Perhaps you think that Bon Journal or its mother site AnalyticalQ.com has got an account with Google because you can always find the contents of these two sites on Google. Sorry to disappoint you. If you would like to know the secrets to getting found on the Web, please write again. Otherwise, please contact Google directly.

11 January 2005

Thanks for the advice on getting noticed on the Internet.

Dear Reader:
You're most welcome. Are your referring to the two Bon Journal entries: Secrets to getting found on the Internet and How to be found on the Internet or Web ? Or other articles?

6 January 2005

Great page on Teresa's music. I'm a fan of hers, too. Sorry to tell you that the song http://www.analyticalq.com/sounds/ttengnizemeshuo.mp3 is NOT sung by Teresa Deng. It is a remake by some artist with a heavy Cantonese accent. Close but definitely not her voice.

Dear Reader:
Oh dear! I have since listened to the song from Teresa Teng's greatest hits CD collection. Indeed you are right. Thank you for pointing this out! I have updated that entry with a note to visit here.
The correct version is here. (The size of this MP3 is 729 kB)

2 January 2005

I found your site while searching for "Decision Analysis" and was frankly quite surprised to find out (after browsing your site a while) that you are actually a musician. Then I found another interesting fact - you were born in Brunei. I was born in Bandar Seri Begawan to Malaysian parents stationed there. Anyway, I will be reading through your energy demand forecasting articles tonight.

Dear Reader:
The Internet allows people with similar interests to find each other. I look forward to your coments on my articles.
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