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The black hole syndrome
How it feels to be in it
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What causes it?
How to get out of the hole

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The black hole syndrome

Part 2: Pros and cons of being in the black hole

After awhile, you start rationalising why it's okay to stay in the black hole, a place of absolute static stillness. It becomes comfortable and familiar. Human beings are known to resist change. So you stay there and indulge in your misery.

Why stay in the black hole?

It's cozy and safe. You are used to it by now. Nothing bothers you anymore. You don't need to expend any energy or effort because you don't want to do anything anyway.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. You're not there yet if you feel yourself falling.

You are most creative when you reach that total blackness and stillness, void of distractions and other influences.

You feel your aloneness. You feel yourself.

What are the risks of staying in the black hole?

Preoccupation with death is dangerous. There is a risk of fulfilling your wish. Think of how this will hurt your loved ones. It is selfish to leave the earth this way.

It is contagious. It affects others more than you realise.

Miserable people are unpleasant company.

11 January 2005 Tuesday

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