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Full moon on Maui

More than eight years ago, I visited the beautiful island of Maui for three weeks. My sister lived in Pukalani then. I had composed a piano solo piece after witnessing a glorious sunset on Kula which turned into a full moon. In need of feedback, I sought the opinion of Robert Pollock, composer and pianist. Later I turned "Full Moon on Maui" into a recording on my first CD but never touched it again.

Tonight the moon shown brightly above the village of Paia on the North Beach. I am filled with memories, after watching the movie "Love in the Time of Cholera" last night and "Lust, Caution" a few nights earlier at the Maui Film Festival at the MACC. And now reading the novel "The Notebook" the film which brought me to tears only a year before, leaving me meandering in a love lorn state.

Come to think of it ---- eight years ago, I was lost in a world of day dreams, clinging onto a few moments to fill a lifetime of longing. Between Houston and Tokyo, I felt suspended in mid-air, a kind of paradise I wished to share.

Once upon a time, I wrote fervently, updating my daily journal before the word "blog" was coined. These days I hardly have the time to digest and reflect, let alone craft into anything readable or worth a webpage. Where has all the time gone, I ask myself.

24 December 2007

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Anne Ku on piano

Anne Ku writes personal reviews to remember a noteworthy occasion, communicate to those involved in the event, and share with those who were unable to attend.
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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

writes about her travels, conversations, thoughts, events, music, and anything else that is interesting enough to fill a web page. See her publication list for more.
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