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love is all you need

money doesn't buy you love

not all that glitters is gold

That's what all the reviews say. "Love is all you need" is also the title of a famous Beatles song. In fact, the movie is full of Beatles songs --- remade. That gave me an idea - to remake my favourite songs - to accompany the Bon Journal - piano solo improvisations! Would that be an infringement of copyright?

The movie is very touching. Be sure you have a handkerchief nearby. For women who are considering motherhood, watch this movie. If a retarded man who earns only $8 per hour can raise a newborn child all by himself (with the help of a female neighbour who just happens to be a recluse and a pianist), surely anybody else can!

It's a movie about the loving relationship between a father (Sam) and his daughter. In contrast, witness the strained relationship between a successful, beautiful but neurotic lawyer and her distant son. It goes to show that economics have nothing to do with it. For couples who are considering parenthood, watch this movie. Money doesn't make the world go round --- it's love.

Well, money and smarts do make life easier. If your IQ is greater than that of a seven year old, nobody will think you're not smart enough to raise your child. Certainly if you don't live in an intervening country like the US, you'll get to keep your child. If you earn as much as the pretty lawyer, then you might be able to provide a bigger home and more expensive toys for your child.

As with any movie I watch, I always manage to find someone I identify with. In this movie, I see the cool lawyer (Rita) in Armani suits played by Michelle Pfeiffer as the young analyst in Max Mara suits battling politics and technology in a world of men. That was then. Now, I am more the recluse played by Dianne Wiest who teaches the little girl piano. She is highly qualified (summa cum laude from Julliard --- how I wish!) but has a mysterious past which the movie does not resolve.

In the end, "I am Sam" almost convinced me that love is all you need. In the process of defending Sam, Rita softens and learns to love. She separates from her cheating husband and forms a closer relationship with her son. That part is touching, too. What's the point of monetary success in your work, if you can't even relate to your son? The converse of this is, of course, "I am Sam. I have the intellect of a seven year old, but my love is what my daughter needs most of all. Everything else I can outsource."

18 May 2004 Tuesday

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