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Since I was going offline for my writing retreat, I had to decide whether to pre-release it on 12th July 2004 for my readers and contributors or to wait until I came back on 17th July.
In the end, I put up an issue I wasn't perfectly happy with. During the offline week, I made additional editorial improvements and republished it on the 17th of July.
Whereas the 15th of April uprooting issue was edited and published when I was in Taichung, Taiwan, this issue has been edited and published in London.

Bon Journal

Career change and second passions

Do you have a burning passion that distracts you from your work?

Some people make a career out of pursuing their passion.

Others become passionate about their work.

Still others work outside of their passion so that it is not work but play.

And there are those that keep changing jobs until they discover their passion.

Thanks to the contributors from North America, Europe, and Asia who made this a bumper 8 page issue - full of interesting stories and inspiration for the rest of us wanting to include our passions in our professional life and personal life.

Reader feedback to the previous "uprooting" issue is also included.

Next issue, 15 October 2004, Life Decisions. Submissions of up to 700 words welcome until 15 September 2004.

15 July 2004 Thursday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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