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Move it with Voovit!

When I announced that I was moving to Holland, a friend offered to get a van and drive my stuff over.

At the time, I wasn't mentally prepared for the physical move, for I had other things on my mind. Eventually, I agreed to have everything ready by early January. But I was still reluctant for him to drive such a long distance because of his ill health.

January came and went. I continued my fortnightly commute from London to Amsterdam, maxing out the 20 kg of check-in baggage and additional 7 kg of carry on. This process, together with my decluttering project, allowed me to scrutinise the bare essentials of my present life.

Another friend suggested a moving company based in Liverpool called Voovit! It was the cheapest, he concluded from his research. They specialised in moving belongings of students from one end of the earth to another, namely from the UK to other parts of the world and vice versa.

For £20 initial registration, you get up to 10 new, unused, flat-packed boxes delivered to your door. Each box cannot hold more than the carry-able weight of 30 kg. When I enquired about the cost of moving to Holland, I got an email response the next day - £65 for the first box, growing at a diminishing unit rate until £145 for 5 boxes and £200 for 10. Insurance was extra.

I worked out that it was cheaper than flying back and forth ten times - much cheaper. For deliveries to Europe, they go from door to door, not like in some countries where you have to go to the (shipping) port for customs inspection.

I registered online and got a registration number. Their online payment system didn't work the night I registered. But they were easily accessible by e-mail, though there was no phone number listed on their site. I preferred to call just to confirm everything.

After I had packed my boxes, I phoned Voovit! to tell them how many boxes I managed to pack and which day I wanted them collected. [They only collect during the week, not weekends.] I then paid the remaining balance.

Much to my surprise, by the time I arrived in Holland, my seven boxes were already waiting for me.

27 February 2004 Friday

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Unpacking the packed
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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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