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Contributor Guidelines

Maximum words: 700

Deadline for submission: one month before the publication date.

E-mail the editor at Bon Journal with original text pasted into the e-mail.

Content: poem, prose (article), lyrics, music, artwork, photo, or anything else original but aligned with the theme of the issue.

14 February 2004
Love is actually all around the world (3 page pdf)

March 2004
anniversaries and travelling down memory lane

April 2004
the uprooted (foreigners, expats, and other home away from home)

July 2004
career change and second passions

October 2004
life decisions and decision making styles

Future topics

  • virtual realities - working in cyberspace
  • memorable holidays
  • school days
  • life-changing experiences
  • portfolio careers
  • the journey to find yourself
  • unrequited love

Suggestions for future topics are most welcome, please contact the editor.

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Anne Ku, May 2001