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Memorial tribute to Ayyub Malik

Parry Rooms, Royal College of Music, London


Ayyub Malik

How do I pronounce your name?

You never told me how.

How will you hear me now?

Six years ago we met

At a private viewing in Ealing

In a beautiful space, much like this

People from all works of life

Admiring the works of the artist

Who might have been among us.

You became the rock in my turbulent world

I was that damsel in distress who called on you for help.

You, who teased me for my eccentric ways

You, who challenged my conservative views

You, who showed me the road not taken.

The conversations I will never have again

The pleasure of your company I will miss

The comfort of a friendship so dear

Who can take your place?

Who dare speak your mind?

My music is my good-bye.

10 September 2008

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