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Gourmet Bed and Breakfast in Ghent, Belgium

When looking for accommodation, I usually check my budget and examine the choices available. In the case of attending the Orpheus Academy course entitled "Tempo, Meter, Rhythm. Time in Music after 1950" I opted for shared accommodation in a bed and breakfast, the cheapest option. There was only one other female that chose the same. And I didn't expect the place to be fancy at all.

Limited.Co Hotel is a privately, or rather, a family-run hotel with its own restaurant. The owner Marleen got her chef's license after she left the corporate world and decided to invest in property with her husband. They bought two adjacent buildings and renovated one quickly for themselves and the other for a hotel and restaurant.

As I was only expecting a bed and breakfast, I didn't anticipate a boutique hotel service with such friendliness and warmth. My stay had the feel of a five-star boutique hotel with the comfort of home.

On the first night, I asked for dinner as the kitchen was closing. Marleen put back her chef's apron and cooked me a wonderful meal. We chatted casually in the empty restaurant, she at the bar doing admin and I at my table finishing my meal. I was the only guest and a late one too, but she still asked if I wanted dessert or coffee afterwards.

The next morning I was surprised to see freshly baked bread, freshly squeezed orange juice, and fresh cut fruit. In fact, every breakfast was different. There was ganda ham (from Ghent), cheese, boiled egg, refillable cappuchino, tea, and special requests. As my roommate from Canada was on a special diet, she asked for extra bananas.

For my birthday, I invited the course participants to experience Marleen's hospitality and food. I brought 13 of them to the hotel without prior reservation. When Marleen saw us, she said, "Let me get you a vase for your flowers." She noticed that I had a big bouquet of purple tulips. I was surprised that she did not react with panic or alarm that I had brought so many people for dinner.

For 35 euros per night, it is a real bargain. Gourmet bed and breakfast in a private boutique hotel with its own restaurant and bar!

12 August 2007

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Anne Ku at the computer

Anne Ku is finishing her composition studies at the oldest conservatory in the Netherlands. She has written numerous articles on music and personal reviews of hotels when she was a jetsetting journalist.
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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

writes about her travels, conversations, thoughts, events, music, and anything else that is interesting enough to fill a web page. See her publication list for more.
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