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Beat Your Depression for Good
by Chris Green
e-book 106 pages
Copyright 2003
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Beat Your Depression

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Beat Your Depression for Good
by CJ Green

I requested this e-book from the author Chris Green after downloading the free e-book "How to Conquer Fear" from the author's website. It was an easy-to-read book that made a lot of sense, summarising everything you need to conquer fear. I forwarded the link to my friends and family.

"Beat Your Depression" is even better. It starts with a mesmerising, if not Hollywood blockbuster, account of the author's own journey into anxiety-induced depression. He was a successful self-employed IT consultant who, through a series of unfortunate events, realised that it was not the events but the way he reacted to them that caused his depression. His well-written story gets the reader to see how it can happen to anyone.

The book is divided into digestible sections with plenty of space to pause and reflect. That the author is not a medical doctor and his advice is not medical but based on his own cure makes it an interesting read. This kind of writing follows my belief in the user becoming the expert and sharing his experience and lessons more convincingly with other "users" as opposed to an expert who has never experienced it himself. I have tried to do the same with my experiences of travel, house renovation, moodiness, decision making, and other situations.

I am always astonished when I learn of friends who are prescribed anti-depressants and take them for their blues. Green states the side-effects of antidepressants and reasons why they are not necessary. He says that they can help control depression but not cure it.

Indeed when you read why depression occurs and how you can overcome it, your mind is convinced. The problem is of course how to put your will and logic into action.

I personally believe that an increasingly isolated society of social disintegration fuels the likelihood of depression. The Internet invites depressed people to peruse its contents. Could it be loneliness from isolation and the ability to "get away with it" --- that is, that we are allowed to fall into depression --- that makes depression a more and more common phenomenon?

On page 64, Green writes "Get Busy." From personal experience, I'm never depressed when I am busy, only when I've run out of energy and allow myself to stop being busy do I experience a down moment. My goal, ironically, is to learn the art of doing nothing without getting bored or falling into a black hole.

Green also writes about diet, exercise, psychology, thoroughly looking at depression from all angles. This e-book is not meant for speed reading and certainly not for the weak-willed.

Sure, it is an easy way out to rely on a drug. And medical doctors are in positions of power as experts on health. However, I implore you to request the e-book from Chris Green and read it, even if you only suffer from the occasional blues.

3 February 2005 Thursday

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