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End of paradise

How many of us have dreamed of visiting paradise?

For some of us, paradise is escaping to a tropical island, staying in a secluded bungalow right on the beach, and experiencing a kind of heaven on earth.

Twice I have escaped to that idyllic island of Phi Phi which could only be accessed by boat from the larger island of Phuket off the West Coast of Thailand. Twice I have stayed in a bungalow so close to the water that I could only hear the waves at night. I didn't think such a place existed, so remote and untouched, so peaceful and beautiful.

A long time ago, Phi Phi Island was off limits to tourists. By commercial necessity, it became available for day trips. After awhile, it was possible to stay there overnight. I suppose that's the way the fate of many unspoilt tropical islands came to be ---- a paradise concocted for the fantasy of many a traveller.

How many of us fulfilled our dream of visiting paradise by flying away from the dark winter into the tropical sun?

How many of us never woke from the slumber of Christmas but were simply washed away by a tsunami never seen in that part of the world?

31 December 2004 Friday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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