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Barbeque and book swap

I was weaned on barbeques in Okinawa. In such a subtropical paradise, having a barbeque was a normal community activity. Every family would prepare and bring their own. As a kid, I sampled all sorts of barbequed meat and vegetables and learned that the best thing to do was to marinate them beforehand.

Ironically, it never occurred to me to use the built-in brick barbeque pit in my garden until a young man suggested he'd help me get the barbeque set that's on sale last year. Until then, I was a damsel in distress who stared at the empty pit wondering what I should do with it.

Upon seeing the leftover charcoals from last year's first barbeque (the Purple Piano Potluck Party), I decided to hold another barbeque. Here are highlights from the magnificent outdoor event. Thank you, Ayyub for bringing your digital camera!

the cheerful chefs at the barbeque
My NLP teacher and a neighbour
Two of my lovely neighbours
Architect and neighbour
Architects and a neighbour
Architect, neighbour, and architect
the chefs and friends waiting patiently for their food
Oops! from the writing course
So what I say!
If you need relationship counselling, ask them
Hello, camera!
In contemplation
After the barbeque
Help in the kitchen
As I was saying,...

If music is the food of love, what is the love of music?
An aerobics teacher amongst us
Of Swedish and Danish extraction
Viva France!
From Singapore to England
The first time they met was 1.5 years ago here.
After the food comes the singing
Relaxing after the food
The sangria is lovely
So is the singing
Are they singing or chatting?

More sing alongs
The chefs relaxing
Do you know this song?
Let me read you my poem
Hmmmm, I'm either tired or tipsy....

The sangria was prepared two days in advance to ensure maximum flavour and intoxication.

cajun chicken drumsticks

Korean marinated pork chops

marinated sirloin steak cubes on a vegetable stick

vegetable shishkabob with haloumi cheese

tender lamb chops marinated in salt, pepper, and tequila

salad courtesy of Deidre and Nalen

Indian rice courtesy of Balbir

Thai black wild rice

merengue dessert courtesy of Deidre and Nalen

songs sung to two guitars in the garden:

Massachusetts, Devoted to You, Let It Be, Hey Jude, .... all time favourites!


English, German, Swedish, Basque, Dutch, Singaporean, Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bosnian, Croatian, French, Japanese, Algerian, American

start: 4 pm

end: 4 am

7 August 2004 Saturday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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