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At sunrise I am sitting in front of a window facing rolling hills of grass upon which are white, brown, and black cows. Trees and hedges border the fields. I can see all the way to the horizon where the sun's rays fill the void between the distant trees and dark clouds above.

Right in front of this former pigsty-converted cottage are blackberry bushes. I suppose these are the 'hedges' that outline the distant fields. Just beginning to form, it will be another month before these still green and hard berries will turn soft and black, ready to be picked and eaten.

All is quiet this early in the morning. I have a habit of waking up when the sun shines into the room. In the summer when the days are long, I don't seem to get or need much sleep at all.

The bathroom next door is stirring. And I can feel everyone else waking to the new day.

Fifteen women, one man. Age range 21 to 65. One travelled from Michigan, another flew from Milan,....

Last night our tutors asked us to go around the converted barn introducing ourselves --- where did we journey from, what we expect out of this week-long course, and our ethnic make-up. While I was anxiously crafting my blurb so as not to stand out from the crowd, I listened in amazement as the participants divulged stories of how they got here.

Many had risen before daybreak to catch their taxi, train, plane, etc. Although they were not apologetic about their multi-ethnic backgrounds, extensive travels, and rich life experiences, nearly all were humble about their writing.

As the gas-fired portable heating units warmed us from above, I nestled into the cosy sofa couches waiting my turn to speak.

13 July 2004 Tuesday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

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