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Spaced out on Benadryl

It's June.

Hayfever season.

I thought I had conquered hayfever when I left London. Certainly I thought my homeopath had gotten rid of it with her tiny little white pills last year. How wrong I was to think that I could become immune to high pollen count!

In the loveliest time of the year before Summer Solstice, I have to stay indoors as much as possible.

Every morning I wake up to teary eyes and runny nose. If I'm lucky, a big "AH CHOO!" would yank me out of my sweet dreams into the stark reality of another long sunny day.

With my ringing ears, watery eyes, congested nose, itchy throat, I manage to stumble out of bed and practically fall downstairs in desperation.

Everyday I debate whether I should continue taking the Benadryl anti-histamine pills. The instructions say one a day per adult. I resist taking that one a day until I can't bear it any longer.

My Magnificent Mouchoirs, the finest English cotton handkerchiefs, are soaked with an incredible amount of liquid substance from my overworked nose. I hang onto my handkerchief for my dear life.

I bang into walls and doors with every sneeze until I tear open that single Benadryl pill. Then, as if by magic, it all stops.

My nose stops running. My head clears up. My eyes stop watering. I can hear myself think once more.

Ah! But I'm sure Benadryl has side effects of some kind. Can I become addicted to it? Spaced out? Or cyberspaced out?

15 June 2004 Tuesday

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