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What do readers want?

In the movie, "What women want", Mel Gibson accidentally experiences what women want. I would like to know what readers of Bon Journal want. But I don't want it to be an accident.

Well, let's start with what they don't want.

I'm assuming, of course, that they catch my spelling and grammatical errors and tell me so. Mistakes like these are irritating, so I try to proofread everything before I publish each entry.

Life is harsh. Why waste your time reading serious stuff if you can enjoy yourself? Not surprisingly I get reaction from readers who have had a good laugh. People like to laugh.

I don't always intend for my readers to laugh. There are funny situations I try to capture. But writing to make people laugh is not easy.

I like to provoke. I like to make people cry. That's not easy to do either.

Writing how-to and other advice articles is how I first started. I'm a self-help addict. I even read about how to fall in love though I've yet to write about it. One of my readers suggested that I write about courtship and dating. I've discovered a few things about men and women. And yes, I will write more on this topic.

What else? Really personal stuff? Some readers say they get totally confused or even annoyed at some of the things I write. Sorry, folks. I never mean to confuse though I sometimes embed riddles.

Once in a blue moon, a single journal entry finds me a reader out of nowhere. He stumbles upon Bon Journal and becomes hooked.

But it's the rare reader who gives me feedback, time after time. How do I keep that reader from straying off? He's the precious one.

How do I make sure my readers keep coming back? How do I get my readers to write to me? How could I possibly know what they want unless they tell me?

2 May 2004 Sunday

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