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Running in Dutch

The weather has never been the same on Saturday mornings when I go running in Laren. Today the wind was strong. Last week, it drizzled. The week before last, it snowed.

Every time I go running, I listen to other runners talk in Dutch, alienating me from their culture and forcing me to withdraw into my inner world. I never bother to speak Dutch because I don't know where to begin. Today, I tried for the first time.

"Hoe gaat het?" pronounced like "who hat het" - How are you?

"Heel goed!" prounced like "heel hood" - Very good.

"Ik hou er niet van om te laat te komen." pronounced like "ik how err neat van ohm tuh laht tuh come en" I don't like to arrive late. I had repeated this over and over again on Wednesday for I was determined never to be late again.

We ran for an hour. Towards the end of the seven kilometre run, I started to complain:

"Mijn linker achterwerk is niet goed." My left butt is no good. I wanted to say it was hurting, but my vocabulary was limited.

The coach's wife showed me what was wrong.

"Ren niet op je tenen, want je krijgt problemen." I was running on my toes, and of course, my butt will hurt!

I was concentrating so hard on speaking Dutch that I forgot about my posture completely.

"Zijn we er bijna?" Are we almost there yet?

13 March 2004 Saturday

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